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The Conversationalist is a space where users of the world wide web are engaged. This is done through the sharing of personal stories, exclusive interviews, captivating videos, poignant music, interesting imagery or just good ol’ fashion silliness. The goal is to create discussion around a selection of topics that might not be given space in traditional medias.

There is the weekly Sunday Sermon, where I share a song that has had an impact on my life. Perhaps the lyrics have resonated with something that I have been unable to express myself. Perhaps the video is artfully created and deserves to be viewed by more people. Or perhaps the song is just downright fun.Whatever the specifics, I have chosen these songs in the spirit of sharing; they are the soundtrack to my life, and perhaps you will find them as inspiring/thought-provoking/awesome as I have.

Each Monday I post a “Check In.” These are weekly memoirs where I have the opportunity to go into a bit of depth of what’s happening in my world. These blog posts are a cross between a lifestyle column and a journal entry. The goal is reflection and engagement. Please join the conversation.

On Thursdays, I like to pose a question. This “Question of the Week” usually revolves some idea or observation that I’ve been chewing on in my brain, and I’m looking to see what others have to say about the matter. It works best when you, the gracious reader, leaves their two cents. So don’t be shy.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to conversationaling with you.


As a writer, I enjoy lending my voice to other blogs. Here are some of the sites that feature my work:

The Montréal Buzz – The official blog of Tourisme Montréal, where I’ve been a Montreal Ammassador for the past two years.

The Mindful Tourist – Socially conscious tourism with a bit of a snark.

Living Holistically… with a sense of humor – A site is designed to educate you on the true nature of being holistic, one that is hardly black and white.

MatadorNights – Covering the world’s best nightlife + eats. – What’s hot n’ happening after dark in Montreal.

W5RAn – An indie online magazine that broadcasts public content.

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