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September 27, 2010

Happy autumn everyone! It’s been a busy week. Some of the highlights include an intense therapeutic sports massage at Scandinave Les Bains, a fun interview with Canadian rock icon David Usher about his new album and researching the best options for my first DSLR camera. There’s always something transpiring in my world.

And speaking of transpiring, perhaps the most noteworthy moment of my week came when Tonya Harding attacked me with a collapsible police baton. I always knew that I’d be her next victim.

Okay, so maybe that didn’t happen.

But on Tuesday afternoon, about halfway through my 10 km jog, I did see my Olympic dreams dissolving before my very eyes. As I was trotting along, listening to my dance-alicious playlist, my right knee suddenly seized. And despite y’alls desire for drama, I managed to avoid collapsing in pain or screeching with distress. (Although that would have been an epic YouTube clip.) I knew, however, the sharp discomfort was definitely not good, and I limped home from the top of Mont Royal, disheartened and questioning what the heck was happening to my body. Once home, I stretched and iced, and thought that perhaps this was an isolated incident.

The next day, I laced up again. I started my jog slowly, but only 500 meters down the road, I knew that something was wrong. The knee tenderness was debilitating; the kind of pain that has no gain. Again, it was a slow walk home, wondering how on earth I will run 42 kilometres if I can’t run five blocks.

The week continued with semi-successful attempts at conditioning, but nowhere near logging the distances I need to be on track for a marathon.

I find myself in the midst of a physical dilemma, one that is not uncommon, especially to my American friends. Despite my great job, with wonderful job perks, I do not have any form of comprehensive health insurance. The ideal action would be to immediately consult with a physiotherapist, but I know that would cost me a couple hundred bucks. And I didn’t exactly incorporate “knee injuries” into my monthly expenses.

It’s a tough call to make. At what point do we deem our bodies worthy enough to seek professional, yet expensive, treatment?

My current approach to this dilemma involves me thinking that perhaps I can simply navigate this “injury” on my own. I mean, it’s my body, right? I should know it better than anyone. And I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, Dan, you’re such a stubborn heterosexual male. Why don’t you just stop and ask for directions?”

Part of me likes to believe that I’m intelligent enough to isolate, diagnosis and treat my own aliments. I have long believed that the forgotten spirit of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman has been living inside of me. I’ve probably beat cancer, like, six times without even knowing it. And I’m certain there is a bark/berry concoction to treat my gimpy knee. But just to be sure, I did some innernet research and I’ve tentatively diagnosed myself with a case of severe marathon-threatening Patellar Tendonitis. It’s a common sports-related injury caused from excessive amounts of activity. And it is my enemy.

So this is all fine and dandy, but my greater concern is not actually about my knee at all. It’s about my face, and by “face” I don’t mean that thing that’s on the front of my head. I speak of my delicate public ego: my dignity, pride, prestige.  Over the past few weeks on this blog, I have boastfully stated that I will bravely run a marathon! I’ve proudly positioned myself as someone who is capable of such physical prowess! Oooh, look at me… I’m special! I’m running a FUCKING MARATHON!

But what happens if I can’t? What if I’m not able? Who is Daniel Baylis? A man of all talk and no action? Is he the guy who everyone watched fall on his face? My pride is at stake. And to be honest, with 8 weeks left to go, I don’t know if I’m going to achieve this goal. And that’s sort of lame. And, apparently, so am I.

So here’s what I’m going to do, folks. For the next week, I’m going to continue my training in a reasonable capacity: power yoga, swimming, knee strengthening exercises and jogging (but stopping, should there be pain). If, by next Sunday, I’m still experiencing discomfort, I’ll suck it up and go see a “physiotherapist” to get a new knee. Okay?

I’m so glad we had this chat.





[watched] GOING THE DISTANCE – Super cute comedy with Drew Barrymore and that guy from the Mac commercials. Why do I always forget his name? Verdict: If you want some fun fluff, this is the movie for you.

[listened] DERIVATIVES by WILLIAM FITZSIMMONS – I bought these eight tracks a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve already jumped onto my “Most Listened To” list on iTunes. It’s folk music remixed with subtle and luscious beats. Major win.

[read] MONACLE MAGAZINE – The September issue of the delightful international mag highlights the return of design classics, the not-so-new rules of journalism and stunning photo essay on the Rio Grande.

[ate] AUX VIVRES – With the marathon training, I’ve basically been eating anything that’s nutrient rich, including tearing apart some delicious steaks (first time in 10 years). On Friday night, however, I had the most delicious vegan “BLT” sandwich. They use smoked coconut. I’m a steak-eating vegan ally.

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  1. September 27, 2010 1:43 PM

    Hmmm. Knee replacement. How old did you say you were again? ;-)

    Hope Dr. Quinn comes through for you in a big and face-saving way.

    • danielbaylis permalink
      September 27, 2010 4:24 PM

      I know, ridiculous right? I’ll be the youngest lad in the rehab unit.

      I need Byron Sully to save me.

  2. October 2, 2010 7:33 AM

    keep doing your amazing running honey but don’t put your health and amazing yoga positions at risk! take it easy! xoxo

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